Mold+Injection molding

We provide one-stop service from the product concept, mold design, mold manufacturing to injection molding.

Mold design

More than experienced mold design engineers

Proficient in HASCO, DME, LKM standard and MOLD FLOW analysis software

Mold manufacturing

  • Injection molding production

    Secondary operation

    Provide injection, silk screen, laser engraving and other surface processing technology,Equipped with clean fuel injection line, silk screen printing production line, laser engraving machine and hot melt ultrasonic equipment.

    Quality management

    Strictly enforce the ISO90001 quality standards to ensure that in accordance with the relevant processes, standards and operating instructions.

    Advanced hardness tester, two dimension measuring instrument, three dimension measuring instrument and other detection equipments ensure that the mold, the product meet the strength, size and appearance requirements.

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